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It’s official! You’re engaged! Now, the fun starts and you are ready to start planning that gorgeous outdoor wedding the
Poconos is perfect for. Here at Hideaway Hills, we’ve witnessed the most amazing receptions and want to make sure yours
does not fall short.

Why Plan an Outdoor Wedding?

All-Inclusive Scenery

Your wedding, our backdrop! Our golf course is surrounded by beautiful views that will make your wedding photos look memorable and completely one of a kind. Plus, you can boost your budget by sparing additional expenses on all those decorative “frills”. The diverse landscape in the Poconos gives your guests a natural “wow” factor, all while pulling off the most popular and trendy wedding themes like woodland forests to rustic country, lush gardens, and seasonal themes.

Safe Open Space

Outdoor weddings give you and your partner the freedom to invite more friends and family members so you can celebrate and enjoy your memorable day with all. Keep in mind, there is plenty of room for all of your guests to space out and stay comfortable at an outdoor event.

Jaw-Dropping Photography

The Poconos' impressive natural scenery will create many photo opportunities that will leave you with a lifetime of gorgeous pictures to remember your special day, without the hassle and expense of finding formal backdrops. Aside from the outdoor natural backdrop, having photographs taken in natural light is generally the best lighting for photographers to capture breathtaking moments. You can find a magical outdoor photo op in every season here in the Poconos.

The Poconos Are Packed With Attractions

All your guests will be in town for your big day, and chances are if they are staying over or making a trip of it, they may want to venture out beyond the hotel. The Poconos has been a famous tourist destination for decades and continues to grow. Dining, shopping, entertainment, and adventure are all within minutes from anywhere within the Poconos. No matter what your guest is looking for on their stay, the Poconos has what they are looking for.


1- Make Preparations For Mother Naturest - Most couples know the weather may pose a risk when planning an outdoor wedding. But as long as you have a back-up plan it can make for a stress-free event. When planning a wedding at Hideaway Hills, you get access to the beautiful Buena Vista Ballroom. Your love celebration can easily be an indoor-outdoor occasion.

2- Use Nature to Set the Tone - Enhance the natural elements and surroundings with your decorations. Use the beautiful landscape as inspiration and feature it on your wedding theme.

3- Tell Your Guests in Advance - Let everyone know you will hold an outdoor event so they can wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

Start Planning Your Outdoor Wedding...
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